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I am an out going, curious, friendly, intelligent, low maintenance kind of person. I enjoy spending hours listening to a variety of music at loud levels. I watch movies a lot and try to watch everything just to see if its any good. TV isn't that important to me except for my few shows that I am dedicated to. I have lots of books and I enjoy reading all sorts. Learning is important to me, intelligence is important to me, humor and wit I also like.

I am a positive person who enjoys laughing, I also love to make people laugh. I used to be really shy but lately I've come out of my shell. I love energy, that's why I plan on moving to/traveling to lots of big cities & all around the world. I write stories for fun, I even have an old Royal typewriter from 1926 that I use when I want to channel someone like Robert E. Howard. I also enjoy puzzles/putting things together. That's why I love editing so much, also playing board games that involve quiz questions. I watch Jeopardy and do crosswords.


When it comes to music I don't have just one genre. I listen to abstract hip hop, acoustic rock, alternative hip hop, alternative rock, bossa nova, big band, blues, britpop, celtic, celtic punk, classical, concerto, classic country/folk, creole, dance punk, darkwave, disco,
electronic, folk, gangsta rap, garage rock, glam rock, gothic rock, grunge, hardcore, bluegrass, hip hop, indie rock, industrial, jazz funk, jazz blues, motown, classic rock, southern rock, new age, new wave, noise rock, old school hip hop, piano rock, punk, reggae,
rockabilly, ska, skate punk and last but not least gypsy punk. I'll give anything a try. My love for most music outweighs my dislike of certain genres or artists.


I've seen a lot of movies and I also have far too many favorites to mention in one sitting but I also watch all genres of film. I try to look for smart writing and good overall feel of the movie.

I don't tolerate stupid movies made strictly for teenagers that don't mean shit. You know what movies I am talking about, the ones with the predictable plot lines, bubblegum actors and MTV soundtracks. I don't waste my time.

Instead I find things that entertain me without lowering my IQ. I don't think I am a movie snob though, I do have a few favorites that I'm sure some would scoff at but that's why they are my favorites and not yours.


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